Infant Classroom: We enjoy many art projects together and discovering new milestones. We encourage the use of many sensory items so they can explore the world around them. At DCP, the infants are assisted in learning new skills and gradually introduced the curriculum.

Toddler Classroom: We have a hands on approach when teaching our toddlers. Our curriculum is executed through play.  They learn the most through play and through their world. At DCP, we introduce days of the week, weather, colors, shapes, letter sounds and messy projects in the toddler program!

Preschool Classroom: We align with the ConVal school district for kindergarten education.  Here at DCP, they are introduced to Letter Land. This is how they start to identify capital and lower-case letters, their sounds, and how to write them.  The preschool teachers also help the children become familiar with math, counting, sorting, and identifying numbers.  Each week, there is a new theme/unit that they are studying that is tied into their Letter Land and math work.

We also offer them the same hands-on approach that we offer our younger groups. The messier and more fun, the better!