Our philosophy is based upon the developmentally appropriate teaching strategies recommended by the National Association of the Education of Young Children©. The state credentialed teachers strive to provide a warm, nurturing environment that enhances the children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. The program is designed to be both age appropriate and individually appropriate. Our activities and materials are open- ended to encourage each child’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Our teachers emphasize and facilitate the development of positive social skills by providing many opportunities to cooperate, help others, negotiate, empathize, and talk through problems. We respect the uniqueness of each child by promoting the acceptance of differences.

DCP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Teachers work in partnership with parents to constantly maintain an environment that is safe, healthy, and fun. The group size and ratio of teachers to children is kept small in order to provide the best educational experience. Teachers facilitate the development of self-control by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling, encouraging expected behavior, redirecting, and setting clear limits. Children are provided with many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperation, helping, negotiating, and talking with another person to solve interpersonal problems. Teachers facilitate the development of these skills at all times. An abundance of language activities are provided. These include listening to and reading stories, dictating stories, seeing classroom charts and labels, seeing names on cubbies and coat hooks and on project work, talking informally with children and adults, and experimenting with writing and drawing. All interactions and activities are designed to develop children’s self-esteem and positive feelings toward peers as well as towards learning.

We offer a Preschool Program, Infant & Toddler Care, and Before/After School Care.

Preschool Programs

Our  preschool program offers theme based learning in a developmentally appropriate environment where children learn through their play. The program is language rich and offers opportunities to learn sign language. Learning the customs of other cultures is embraced. We foster the understanding of community through activities such as food drives, clothing collections, and visits to and from community helpers. We welcome visitors to share their special talents. We encourage learning the importance of our connection to the earth through gardening, a monthly program with the Harris Center for Nature Conservation, science explorations and lots of outdoor play and activities.  We foster the learning of independence through daily classroom jobs.

Infant and Toddler Programs

Our Infant & Toddler program is a recent addition to Dublin Community Preschool & Childcare Center. Here we provide a warm, nurturing environment in which infants and toddlers can safely explore their surroundings while having their most fundamental needs met by loving caregivers. A joy in learning is fostered with developmentally appropriate open ended activities, board books and reading, as well as exploration of the great outdoors. A focus on high quality care distinguishes DCP’s infant and toddler program.

After School Programs

The afternoon program has been designed to be flexible, creating a balance of structured and non-structured activities. It is often themed learning that includes free play, story time, movement, cooking, art and outside time. We also have a time for rest and an afternoon snack. This is the perfect time to relax and enjoy friends. We have a wonderful blend of ages in the afternoon which gives the children the benefit of increased language, cognitive and social development as a result of this multi-age setting. As an added convenience to parents, bus service from Dublin Consolidated School is provided for any children joining us for the after school program.

Special Visitors, Trips and Events